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What to expect on a cultural tour in Tanzania?

Part of the reasons for frequenting and visiting Tanzania is more related to learning about the cultural aspects of Tanzania. Tanzania has a diversity of cultures. Statistics say that there are over 100 languages in Tanzania. That is too much!

 And remember that behind every language, there is a culture associated to it. If you decide to come to Tanzania for a cultural tour, there are so many things you need to know before you set your foot in Tanzania:

Cultural tours include other activities.

Actually if you try to study most of the itineraries in Tanzania, you will realize that a lot of them are created for wildlife tourists-those that want to come for a wildlife adventure. The only part they mention of culture is when it involves some wildlife adventure. Most of the cultural villages to visit like the Maasai Village are located nearby national parks which makes sense to include wildlife as part of the tour.

You shall receive an overwhelming welcome.

There are certain aspects of life that are deep routed in the African culture and one of them is welcoming visitors. They say that there is no way in your compound or yard, once someone passes by, they qualify to be visitors and one of the ways to show that they are visitors is by welcoming them with smiles, hugs, singing and all other aspects that show happiness.

When you are visiting cultural villages in Tanzania, be ready to see happiness. Depending on the culture, expect to see some jumping, singings, dances, laughter, and others.

You shall interact with the locals.

Most of the cultural tours shall require you to sit down with the local people or their leaders to tell you their story of how they survive in this world. The best way to go on a cultural tour is to prepare some questions for such people. Just go when you have questions to ask and I’m sure, you shall get some valuable answers.

Cultural tours are full of surprises.

One thing about cultures is the difference in the way people live. Be ready to see surprises of different way of living compared to what you are used to. And don’t be quick to judge; rather just learn to accept the difference. You trip to the cultural villages shall be full of insights and fun if you learn to accept the differences than to judge the people.

Make sure you are willing to try new things.

It could be about their food, about their survival techniques, food gathering techniques, the games they play. I mean anything, just prepare to learn and try out some few things because as a matter of fact, the locals shall be thrilled and they shall feel as if you are part of their society if you accept to try out a few things about their culture.

Surprise them also by learning few words in their language and speak them, you shall be amazed by their joy. Book your cultural Tanzania tour with us today.

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