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Booking Agreement

In addition to operating tours, Sky View Adventure also serves as a distributor and supplier to businesses involved in travel and tourism.

Suppliers in the travel and tourist industry include hotels, activity providers, tour operators, lodging planners, transportation providers, and more.
If your local destination is a part of the Sky View Adventure network, a “booking” is any purchase of a good or service made there or on one of our websites.

After receiving written confirmation from Sky View Adventure at the customer’s given email address or WhatsApp number, reservations are considered confirmed.

As per our contract with you, the customer, the confirmation must match your order for it to be valid.

Refunds and Payments

The consumer must increase any preferred online payments by the handling fees paid by Sky View Adventure (approximately 6% of the total).

The agreed-upon payment terms are in force.
Usually, a deposit is paid following the reservation.

The sort of Package that the Client requests will decide the deposit’s size, and it is required to reserve.

The deposit is non-transferable if your vacation dates change.
We’ll retain your reservation for the new dates and won’t refund your deposit.

On the day of arrival, the balance is due in cash only.

If the balance is less than the processing fees charged by Sky View Adventure (approximately 6%), the consumer must add those fees.

Engagement and Cancellation;

According to the rules of your individual schedule, every reservation should be verified by payment,

Less than 24 hours before departure, there will be a 100% cancellation fee.

Cancellation 75% of the total price will be due 72 hours to 7 days before departure.

Cancellation 50% of the activities and cancellation fees will be assessed from seven to twenty-one days before departure.

No cancellation if made more than 21 days before departure, Cancellation requests must be made through email to

Within seven days of the trip, if the client needs a trip to Tanzania, we must receive full payment to confirm the reservation.

A 100% fee will be assessed for “No Shows” (this includes arriving beyond the scheduled meeting time).

In case of no-shows, Sky View Adventure maintains the right to resell their tickets.

Drugs and Alcohol
Visitors who are clearly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol won’t be allowed on the tour and won’t be eligible for a refund.Anyone who is clearly intoxicated may be asked to leave the event or the bus, and they will be brought back to the pickup place separately and at their own expense.

Any fees related to wilful damage are the responsibility of the visitors.

Suppliers, partners, and operators have the right to revoke or make changes.

It is possible for cancellation or modification (force majeure) to occur due to adverse weather, mechanical problems, labor disputes, and other situations that are out of our control or the control of the owners of our products (suppliers/partners).

The event planners will immediately inform the client if such a cancellation or significant change occurs.

After the product owner/supplier/partner has notified Sky View Adventure, the customer will receive a full refund if they reject any immediate substitutes.

Insurance and Cancellation of Insurance

We advise all of our customers to make sure they have appropriate insurance before traveling.


When what you get differs from what you booked and what was confirmed, it is regarded as a flaw.

Another flaw is when you are given inaccurate or careless information on circumstances that ordinarily affect the product you have ordered.

The following situations are not regarded as flaws:

travel delays of a minor nature

deviations from the usual in terms of the climate, the weather, or other factors;

The term “zoo expectation” refers to unrealistic expectations regarding the presence of wild animals.

circumstances brought on by the passengers’ own carelessness and their failure to follow the advice in our Tanzania travel guide.

Despite our best efforts to ensure availability and accuracy, mistakes may still happen.
When such instances come to our attention, we shall make every effort to notify you within three working days of the time your reservation was made.
Your reservation may be canceled by us with a full return of your payment.

Errors and Modifications;
Without prior notice, our website may experience errors and modifications. Changes that have taken place since the information was published may apply.
Any typographical errors are beyond our control.

Additional General Terms
If an accident or damage results in the cancellation of all or a portion of a trip due to personal injuries or death, Sky View Adventure will not be held liable as long as we or our suppliers are not at fault.

Concerning your reservation;
Questions and Complaints
Prior to your departure, please email us at if you have any more questions or concerns about your reservation.

While traveling, if you have any concerns about a product owner, supplier, or partner, make sure to file them with that company right away and in writing. You should also have a formal acknowledgment of your complaint before leaving or checking out.

Upon your return home and no later than 40 days following the event, you may get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries or grievances with your reservation or the actual product. Put your booking reference in the subject line and/or send all necessary details in writing.

Please get in touch with us at any time if you want to speak honestly about anything.
Email us at to get in touch with us.

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