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Facts to know about a flying safari in Tanzania

They say that life is what you make it. In Tanzania, you can make your safari the way you want it. The only limiting factor is money. If you have enough money for your safari, you should be in position to live a luxurious life and do a luxury safari.

Part of a luxurious safari involves travelling by air if that is your choice, you could decide that you want to use air transportation. When I talk about air transportation, I don’t mean using a Boeing 737 from one city to another rather simple aircraft carrying very few people.

Those are the aircraft used in safari in Tanzania and such safaris can be regarded as flying safaris. Before you even think of going for a flying safari in Tanzania, here are some of the things you should know:

It is a bit pricy to travel by air

Air transportation is expensive in Tanzania. Using air transportation shall make your trip a bit expensive since those charges shall be included on the tour and counted on the total price. Much as using air transportation is considered luxurious, you could decide to use road transport in a very nice luxurious and comfortable car at a fraction of the price of air ticket to your national park.

The only difference with both means is the time to reach the final destinations. Normally within the air transportation, you just take a fraction of time to what you would have consumed if you used road transportation.

Air transportation is scheduled.

Aircraft that move to local airfields which are near national parks in Tanzania are scheduled and are not available all the time. Such flights are available during day. If you were to use road transportation, depending on your fatigue and mood, you can travel any time of the day.

It involves a bit of booking.

A lot of people might think that these aircrafts are not so busy so whenever you want to go; you can always find some space. That is not the case, in order to use their services; you must book in advance to make sure you don’t get disappointed.

There are many people that use these aircrafts so there is always no space. Book in advance to avoid disappointments; the aircraft are run on a normal standard as any other aircraft going to any destination.

There are local safari airports in Tanzania.

There are so many internal airports in Tanzania. If you are going to a certain national park and you want to use an aircraft, you shall land to the nearest safari airport and then drive to the national park.

Flying safaris requires good planning.

There are several arrangements needed to make sure that you succeed at a flying safari. You need to stay in touch with your tour operator to make sure that everything has been organized so well. The flying safari offers the best opportunity to have aerial views of different locations in Tanzania. Fly to different national parks with us today. Contact us and we will organize the best itinerary for you.

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