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Souvenir ideas in Tanzania

Sometimes when you buy souvenirs, you don’t really buy for yourself rather for the people you left at home. You may decide to buy for yourself but don’t forget the people at home because they know that you are on a safari in Tanzania and they are honestly waiting for you. Once you get home, don’t go empty handed, carry some little gifts for each of them.

 Some of the tourists always complain of not having money to buy the souvenirs but as a matter of fact, souvenirs are cheap. Be expected to not spend more than $100, there are some you find at just $4 or below. People like gifts and most of the people don’t really care about the price tag, all they care about is that you had some time to think about them and buy them gifts.

There are numerous gifts to choose from and all are usually dependent on the person’s age that you are planning to give the gift to. Here are some of the gifts you may give to people in almost each age group. I’m not trying to dictate how you are supposed to give your gifts and what type of gift you are supposed to give to someone rather, these are just mere suggestions:

Consider post cards for elderly

If I were the person buying gifts, I would buy postcards to the elderly. Post cards were among the first souvenirs to appear in the tourism industry. People still respect postcards especially those that understand their true value. Whenever you went to a destination some years ago, some of the souvenirs on your list would be post cards.

Any elderly person that you give a post card shall really feel happy. In Tanzania, post cards are available at the all the branches of Tanzania post office. In case you don’t get the opportunity of buying post cards, you would go for some bit of crafts. Sculptures of animals in the park, crafts representing Tanzanian culture would really be a good substitute.

There are so many items to choose from for the young adults

This group of people would really feel happy if you buy them something that is related to art and craft. Get them nice clothes from those art and craft shop. When you enter those art and craft shops, you always see high quality clothes locally made from the available African material.

There are other simple items like key holders all designed to represent African culture. In essence, try to buy something that people can use in their day lives, it shall surely make a difference.

Crafts and art pieces match children characters.

Children would highly welcome gifts which can be used for games purposes. Buy them those art and craft pieces of animals in the park. You don’t need to buy big ones only; there are reasonable sizes you can always choose from. Simply buy them gifts which they use as games.

Pick jewelry for your spouse.

Tanzania’s mining sector is so much developed- it is one of the countries known in Africa for mining. You can pick any reasonable jewelry for your loved one. I’m sure, she/he will like it.

There is so much to get out of Tanzania during your safari, choose us today and we take you to those unending and hidden secrets of Tanzania. Book now with us today and our team of reservation managers will get back to you promptly.

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