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Safety measures to take on a safari in Tanzania

Safety is one of the things that should be on your mind when you decide to travel to a particular destination. A lot of tourists underestimate that aspect because they think that there is no need to feel insecure.

The kind of insecurity that could come by may not be necessarily in terms of security threats but rather minor illness that if you not careful enough, they can have a diverse effect on your health. Keeping yourself safe should be a top priority once you decide on taking a trip to Tanzania. So how do keep yourself safe?

Don’t go against any park guidelines.

Every national park has its own instructions, you must make sure that you follow them to ensure that there is guaranteed for your safety. If they tell you not to do something, please don’t go ahead and try it out. I know that it is sometimes in human nature for people to try out those things which they refuse them to do.

There is always a reason for any national park to clearly write an instruction. The best part of the story is that each instruction is usually meant for your own benefit-it is meant to keep you safe. To go against those instructions is to simply go against your safety and life in general.

Follow the tour company’s advice

Tour operators shall always give you a little briefing before you start your journey. They will advise on the things you shouldn’t be doing and those that you should do. Make sure, you listen carefully and understand all those little bits to stay away from trouble.

They shall brief you on what to do once you reach at the national park, the clothes to wear, when to take photos, what to carry and what not to carry, how to behave when you are close distance with the animals. Just listen and follow their advice.

Find preventive techniques against malaria.

Malaria is a threat in the tropical areas on Africa. Since Tanzania is in the tropics, Malaria is a threat in Tanzania. The good news is you can travel even without any preventive measure against the disease and you don’t catch it.

Actually, most residents stay for years without any preventive measure against the disease and they don’t catch the disease however this is one of the most deadly diseases in Africa and accounts for the most infant deaths.

Malaria is caused by a female mosquito once it bites you when it carries the disease. The truth to the matter is that Malaria is curable without even spending a lot of money and within few days of taking the medication.

However as a tourist, you should take preventive measures against the disease to make sure that you stay safe. To prevent malaria simply buy anti-malaria tablets which are available in pharmacies around Tanzania. Make sure that you sleep under a mosquito net. You should close your hotel windows early enough to ensure that your room is free from the mosquitoes. Use insecticides to kill the mosquitoes when there is need for that.

Save some contacts in your mobile phone.

For safety purpose, make sure you save some important contacts in your phone book. Telephone contacts of the police, ministry of foreign affairs, your nearest embassy, and tour operator should be in your contacts to make sure that they come to your rescue in case any unbearable event unfolds.

There are other measures you can do to keep yourself safe but for now, I guess you can apply the ones I have listed. We are here for you and we shall ensure that you only have great memories on your safari in Tanzania, Book your safari with us today.

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